My significant other and I calculate we have somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 books! When I found myself out of work a year ago, I decided it was time to at least begin to organize them all into something that others might find helpful.

Working from the Library of Congress online catalog, I began the process of labeling everything with LOC call numbers. I got through about 1,500 of them before I found another job. I’ll go back to the project after I retire. [They’re back on the shelves, with and without their new labels.]

These pictures capture only the first floor collection. We live in a 3 story colonial with a 2 story addition on the back-end — each floor houses as many books as the first!

the living room (a.k.a. colleen's office)

living room from a different angle

[above]: Dennis & I built this set of bookcases – it’s two shelves deep -> books on the other side too! (I re-built it a couple of years ago, adding extra support to the inside edges of the shelves.)

tv room

dining room "workstation"

[above] If you click to open this picture, and then look very closely, you can see my “Nabisco box china cabinet” that my great grandfather made for my grandmother when she was a little girl. We are a family with a long list of frugal project making 🙂

still in the dining room... I'd planned to refinish that avocado buffet, but it's dried out to a point that it's probably just going to be a "backroom" storage piece 😦

back foyer

[above: that black chair was my very first attempt at stenciling and caning, ca. 1977]

the "red room" (a.k.a. colleen's other office)

[above] This built-in bookcase was originally a 16 foot “window” between the two rooms. We put a wall on the other side, and then I set bookshelves into the resulting “ledge”. It was a fun project all by itself, but it also netted me enough room for about 800 books!

[above] Notice the dolls – my mother made the Little Red Riding Hood and the Irish Colleen about 50 years ago – for me when I was a toddler. The red cape is stashed away in a keepsake box somewhere – I know I still have it!

this is the other side of the living room book case -- two rows deep!

[above] The afghan is with plain old granny squares done with 7 rounds [I think] . I was trying to use up yarn about 15 years ago. [this is the other side of the two-sided bookcase in the living room]

kitchen catchall...


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