Just for Connor-Bear

Happy 5th birthday baby Bear!1901916_10203708520330892_1250328500004013758_n



Happy 3rd Birthday baby Bear!!

Bear’s coming to Massachusetts with his parents this weekend – YAY 🙂 !! …got the itch to sew for him, so rationalized one flannel set before spring finally warms up 🙂

The baby Bear’s coming to Maine this week! Whipped him up some flannel pjs for the chilly fall nights on the lake.

I found this pattern online through FaveCrafts.com; it’s the Bear or Doll Holiday Sweater.

The biggest change I made to the pattern was to not use my favorite moss/seed stitch; instead I continued the ribbed pattern (k1p1) up the sides of the sweater. I also picked up the sleeve stitches at the shoulder, continuing with a regular stockinette stitch ’til the 4 row (k1p1) ribbed cuff. [I’m working on the matching sweater for Connor, now :-)]


I love this hat pattern – it was easy, takes only about 1/4 yard of fabric, and is put together in a way that allows for a double needle.

Connor loves it too 🙂

The shirt is the same pattern used above, done in 100% linen — cool for our North Carolina baby 🙂 [I made myself a long sleeve version, with winter white buttons.]

[I’ll post the four references for these projects later.]


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  1. This bear (and soon to be your baby Connor bear) are beyond belief adorable. The color choice is perfect with the dark brown bear, I love that combination. You are really ‘sumpin!

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