August 2012

Nephew Matt stopped by for a visit. “My dad says ‘Aunt Colleen can do anything!’ I bought this fabric – could you make me a pair of shorts?”

I told him how to log onto and find a pattern (which we ordered), then he googled “drawstring elastic” (and ordered me a ton!).  He’s a 6’2″-ish 17 year old who just plain fell in love with the giraffe print 🙂 [I still have the zebras to make-up, but this pair will tide him over :-)]

Matt in Zebras


Mia in her Christmas dress – that matches Maddie’s!

[2013 – I heard Mia was able to wear this two Christmases in a row!]


Just finished this for myself ~
housecoat with matching “dorm pants”McCall’s Easy M6231

Overalls for Connor-Bear April 2010****

Connor will be a Red Sox fan whether he likes it or not 😉

a “Gone to Texas” outfit for my sister. (it’s not quite true to the era, but close enough if one uses one’s imagination 😉 )


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